Versöhnung ist befreiend

The self-appointed constitutional States and their various charters or constitutions have been rooted for thousands of years in outdated, archaic, discriminatory and violent social models and systems and have shaped a kind of revenge culture that is now anchored in the heart of the West.

It is possible to find a higher power emanating from a God unknown to the heart of the people, in the first judicial systems preserved in the city-states, such as the Hammurabi Code(link is external) or previously in others such as the Entemena(Link is external) or Urukagina(link is external) code.

This power is represented by a priestly, oligarchic and plutocratic social system, which has the intention of staying in power and influencing the people. Thus kings, priests, merchants, and Warriors, or “righteous men,” as the latter were called, distributed the power of the monopoly of vengeance over the people, concealing discrimination and vengeance as restorative justice.

To this day, “without justice there is no peace” has been proclaimed for thousands of years. But we proclaim:" justice springs from peace", peace with yourself, with your partner, your Partner, with your parents, your sisters and brothers, your neighbors, peace with those who have harmed you.

Ignorant of the relationships that govern peoples, we declare that the search for peace and personal and social reconciliation is the way that enables the construction and Constitution of a new culture of Justice, far from Revenge; a way to a new hope, in which the life and freedom of the other person is equivalent to his own, when we begin to internalize the principle of moral action: “treat others as you would like to be treated”.

We see ourselves immersed in an individualistic, materialistic culture that leads us to act according to values that distance us from the most important, our “inner unity”. We are forced to act contrary to ourselves, and therefore we bring into the world of relationships suffering, revenge, retribution, in short “violence”. This culture is not helpful, but useless. It is up to us to change them, to change ourselves profoundly, by straightening the direction of our lives.

The proposal of change is the result of reconciliation with everything that has affected us, that has hurt us.

“If we seek true reconciliation with ourselves and those who have hurt us greatly, it is because we desire a profound transformation of our lives. A transformation that lifts us out of the resentment in which no one reconciles with no one, not even with a self. If we can understand ,

then we look with a humanizing look at the skin of monstrosity."(Silo, days of spiritual Inspiration 2007